Consultation on Admission Arrangements 2024/25

In line with the School Admissions Code, Cathedral Schools Trust (CST), which is the admission authority, is consulting on the admission arrangements for Trinity Academy for children who will be admitted during the academic year 2024/25.

The proposal is to include a children of staff criterion to the priority list for admissions. This is in line with other CST schools who already have a children of staff criterion. It was clear from responses to the consultation last year that the option for staff to be able to send their children to the school where they work was important for a range of reasons including making the logistical challenges of childcare more manageable and supporting their wellbeing. It was also clear that the staff criterion supports retention and helps to build the shared sense of community within each school. 

In addition, CST is consulting on the admission arrangements for:

  • Trinity Academy (age 11- 16 provision) 

Trinity was established in 2019 to support the needs of families within north Bristol and to meet the demand for school places in this area. Priority areas were identified in consultation with Bristol City Council whilst recognising the importance of not impacting negatively on the catchment areas of neighbouring schools. Whilst a place can never be guaranteed, since the school opened all children, whose parents made on-time applications, living in the inner or outer priority areas have been offered places in either the first round allocation or subsequent rounds from the waiting list (this includes children who are at the feeder school).

The proposal is to;

  1. amend the wording of the sibling criterion (category 4 of the oversubscription criteria). Children will be considered under the sibling criterion if, on the date of admission, they will have a sibling on roll at Trinity Academy (age 11 - 16 provision). A sibling must be attending (or is expected by the admission authority to be attending) the school (age 11-16 secondary provision only) at the time of admission. For the avoidance of doubt this does not include cousins, other family members, friends or siblings attending the 6th Form (Post 16 provision).
  2. clarify how home to school distances are measured (category 7 of the oversubscription criteria) 

In addition, CST is consulting on the admission arrangements for;

  • Trinity Academy (Post 16 provision)

The school will admit students to its Sixth Form for the first time in September 2024, therefore it is necessary to consult on the proposed admission arrangements.

The proposed admission arrangements 2024/25  can be viewed below (Proposed changes are highlighted in yellow).

Trinity Academy draft admission arrangements 2024/25 (11- 16 provision)

Trinity Academy draft admission arrangements 2024/25 (Post 16 provision)

Trinity Academy Supplementary Information Form (staff)

Trinity Academy (TA) map of priority areas 

The consultation process will run from Tuesday 15th November 2022 to 12 noon on Tuesday 10th January 2023

It is important to emphasise that this is a consultation process and that all views will be heard as part of this consultation and arrangements are not agreed until after the consultation has taken place..

If you would like to comment or offer feedback on the proposed admission arrangements please complete the form here, ticking the relevant box to show which school your comments refer to.  Please note responses received after 12 noon on 10th January 2023 will not be considered.

If you have any queries or requests for hard copies of the admission arrangements please contact Mrs Juliet Turner, Admissions Lead, Cathedral Schools Trust via email:

Alternatively you can contact us by post at: CST Admissions,

C/O Trinity Academy, Romney Avenue, Lockleaze, Bristol, BS7 9BY