The Curriculum

 The Curriculum is designed to ensure every student succeeds. Year 7 - 11 will be based around 3 phases of learning each culminating in a ‘Crowning Ceremony’ or graduation style celebration event. Maths will be set from year 7 with further setting in English and Maths starting in year 8 and 9.

Phase 1: Year 7 and 8

  • Students will learn the ‘Trinity Way’ to find success in a broad curriculum. The curriculum will be delivered by subject specialist with a focus on literacy and oracy. Learning to learn and reading, will be key aspects.
  • Students will produce a ‘Passport’ to graduate which will include personal, social and health education and will introduce students to career paths and employability skills.
  • Students will evidence their engagement in learning outside of the classroom, particularly (but not exclusively) in the Performing Arts and follow a cultural curriculum to develop cultural capital.

Phase 2: Year 9 and 10

  • Students opt for a set of courses that may include GCSEs, BTECs and other appropriate options. The focus will be on deepening learning from Phase One developing a passion for the knowledge, skills and understanding that are specific to each subject.
  • Students complete an Employability award which will include leadership training, work/research placement, workshops, lectures and masterclasses, access to a personal/professional mentor.
  • Graduation at yr 10 will include evidence of continued and deepening excellence in the co-curricular.

Phase 3: Yr 11

  • At the end of year 10 students exam course options will be reassessed and where necessary, revised.
  • Pathways to post 16 education will be explored.
  • Exam technique and student well being will be the focus.
  • The final ‘graduation’ will be results day

Year 7

This is the current plan for year 7 though we anticipate it changing a little as we appoint staff and work with our new buildings.