Our Vision


Our mission at Trinity is to create a world class school. As such, we expect that all members of our community seek to become the best version of themselves, developing Head, Heart and Soul, so that our students will ultimately be successfully and happily employed in a career with prospects, as well as being citizens with a burning passion to serve their communities.


How do we articulate our beliefs and values



  • We believe that the world is an amazing place

  • We believe in the power of education to transform lives

  • We believe in strong relationships built on trust, as well as high challenge and high support

  • We believe that we are all agents for positive change in our communities

  • We believe in being hopeful

  • We believe in continuous improvement

  • We believe that beliefs are important and we engage with them critically

Head: a place of learning

  • We believe that our highly academic curriculum is most empowering to those most in need

  • We believe that not all approaches to learning are equal

  • We believe everyone should make progress and be able to explain when and how they have made it

  • We believe that teaching is a science and an art: a craft we pursue towards mastery

  • We believe that attention is the gatekeeper to learning

  • We believe in harnessing technology to serve the purpose of learning

Heart: a place of care and respect

  • We believe that adults should care deeply about all students and one another

  • We believe that structure liberates people to realise their potential

  • We believe that students and staff should respect one another

  • We believe in the value of discipline

  • We believe in the importance of accepting responsibility

  • We believe in looking after our environments

  • We believe that pastoral learning is as important as academic

  • We believe that improving our character unlocks our potential

Soul: a place of engagement

  • We believe that co-curricular is not ‘extra’ and is used to broaden horizons

  • We believe that co-curricular should provide both breadth and depth of experience

  • We believe in emphasising music and the performing arts

  • We believe that engagement in the full life of the school develops character