Food and Nutrition

Curriculum Purpose

Preparing students for careers and furthering social justice

Our Food and Nutrition curriculum and lessons at Trinity will give students the opportunity to choose from a wide range of careers in Food Science and Technology, Nutrition and Health Care, and of course, the Hospitality and Catering industry.  To do this, our students will achieve a P8 score of +1.  A thorough academic education in Food Preparation and Nutrition will also provide the knowledge and skills that allow students to prepare and make a variety of healthy dishes alongside making wise dietary decisions and lifestyle choices. 

Knowledge acquisition as a measure of progress

The Food department at Trinity Academy realises that food nutrition is essential for the mental and physical development of children. Nutrition education underpins improving nutritional status, and provides pupils with the knowledge, skills and motivation to make important dietary decisions and lifestyle choices. Understanding and improving the landscape of nutrition and support for children is therefore of high importance to Trinity School. As a centre of education we are the perfect platform to address issues related to food, diet, nutrition and health, as well as environmental issues, providing an evidential counterpoint to the ever changing sea of food related influences that confuse at best.

The needs of our community

Cultural capital is explored across the key stages by appreciation of the work of others locally, nationally and internationally. Each subject identifies and relates projects and content to real contextual challenges focusing upon people, communities or businesses, with a particular focus on the local area that surrounds Trinity Academy.

Teaching Food and Nutrition for its intrinsic value

We believe that Food and Nutrition is an inspiring, scientifically rigorous and practical subject which prepares all young people to live a healthy lifestyle and make informed dietary decisions that change lives.

Curriculum Rationale

What do we teach and why do we teach it?

The Food Preparation and Nutrition curriculum provides students with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to make informed choices about food and to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. We aim to develop students' practical cooking skills and promote a love for cooking. Our intent is to ensure that all students acquire the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about the food they consume, becoming confident and competent chefs who can contribute positively to their own well-being and that of others.

We have developed a curriculum that is based on the national curriculum and the demands of our KS4 course. Our curriculum is structured to provide a progression of skills and knowledge throughout Year 9 and Key Stages 4, building upon prior learning.

We place a strong emphasis on practical cooking in all aspects of our curriculum. Students have regular opportunities to plan, prepare, cook, and present a wide variety of dishes. Practical lessons are supported by theoretical knowledge, ensuring students develop a well-rounded understanding of the science and nutrition of food.

Why do we teach it in that order?

Students start Food and Nutrition as part of the Technology curriculum in Year 9. They are first introduced to key aspects of health and safety before beginning practical work. Students then carry out practical cooking lessons where they learn how to weigh and measure accurately, safe knife skills and safe use of the oven and hob. Students are then introduced to a range of practicals that build on the skills learnt. Over the course, the meals produced increase in complexity, requiring greater combinations of practical skills and commodities. In theory lessons, students are taught the four C’s (cleaning, cooking, chilling and cross contamination) and the principles of the Eatwell guide. For those students taking the subject to GCSE, two non-exam assessments (NEA’s) are completed alongside appropriate theory lessons, carefully selected practicals and exam preparation.

Curriculum Overview