Curriculum Purpose

Preparing students for careers and furthering social justice

Our curriculum and lessons will give students the opportunity to choose from a wide range of careers in all fields. This is because our Physical Education (PE) curriculum emphasises the transferable knowledge and skills.

Knowledge and skill acquisition as a measure of progress

Our curriculum and lessons will give students the knowledge of sporting fundamentals and of the science of the body, physical literacy and how to live a healthy life. As students move through the school they will be introduced to exciting sports and new forms of physical activity. They will develop ‘inter’ and ‘intra’-personal skills and unlock a sense of adventure and fulfilment from physical movement. All of which will allow our students to become healthy and active citizens. 

The needs of our community 

We emphasise the soft skills that underpin our subject that are transferable to all aspects of life to support pupils to achieve a career with prospects and to raise the employment rate in the local area. We place a huge emphasis on physical movement being an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle to increase the number of healthy citizens in the local area. 

Teaching physical education for its lifelong value

We strive to make the students responsible, passionate and accountable for their health, fitness and wellbeing, whilst creating a passion and enjoyment for it to be a part of their daily lives, not just now, but in the future.

Curriculum Overview