Providing work placements can be extremely beneficial to employers as it allows a better understand of the ever changing landscape of education and qualifications.

Benefits include:

  • Giving staff the opportunity to work in a supervisory role 
  • Scope for finding future long-term employment with successful students
  • Raising company profile
  • WEX placement students may offer new ideas and/or a fresh perspective
  • Opportunities for staff to develop feedback and coaching skills
  • Helping young people to develop their CV and build a network of industry contacts
  • Opportunities to work with Bristol Cathedral Choir School across school events

Year 10 students undertake work placements within a block period, normally one week (dates available on main WEX page). Post 16 students can complete work placements at various times throughout the year subject to permission for absence being granted.

We are always looking for interesting and varied experience of work opportunities for our students.  If you are a business owner/decision maker and are able to offer a Work Experience placement please contact Anna Duncan, Work Experience Coordinator on  trinityworkexperience@trinityacademybristol.org

CEC Work Experience Employers guide - Step by Step guide for employers