Careers and Employability at Trinity Academy

At Trinity Academy we see careers guidance as an integrated area of education, interwoven with subject curriculum and everyday life for our students. We have high expectations for all of our students and push every child to be the best versions of themselves. Our reporting system focuses not just on academic achievement but also soft skills under four key categories of the Character Framework: resilience; self-control; self-direction and communication. Qualifications such as GCSE and A-levels are changing, and opportunities in higher education extend now beyond the UK to other parts of Europe and further afield.  Students need help to make choices and manage transitions: they need good quality Careers education, information, advice and guidance to be a part of their entire school experience.

During our first year of Trinity Academy we have used the Bristol based company My Future My Choice to develop an understanding of the key skills needed for all careers. We have focused on the idea that a range of skills are needed for every career choice whether it be science or arts based. My Future My Choice looks at the following key skills through activities, physical resources and encounters with professionals: creativity; communication; team work; numeracy; literacy; scientific knowledge and a ‘hands-on’ approach. These link with Trinity Academy’s Character Framework on students’ termly reports looking at their soft skills (outlined above) and areas to develop in and outside the classroom.