Co-curricular Life

Co-curricular clubs form a central part of the Trinity experience. These are opportunities to learn, have fun, find your ‘spark’ and develop the skills that universities and employers are telling us young people are lacking.

Students in Phase 1 must undertake at least 2 clubs and Phase 2 must undertake at least 1 clubattend three clubs per week and, as with all school activities, we expect full commitment, effort and attendance.

At the beginning of every term, students choose from a wide range of options – these include (but are not limited to) art, drama, orchestra, rugby, choir, board games, dance, football, book club, netball and volleyball.


This term we are offering:

Club Description
Aikido Run by Aikido specialist Daren Sims. Aikido is a Japanese martial art which combines elements of classical jujutsu with concepts of movement and body management derived from sword fighting.
Allotment Run by a horicultural specialist, Saffron Orrell. Students will be maintaining our school allotment, planting and growing all sorts!
Andante (Trailblazers) This club is for anyone who is doing Trailblazers this year. It is really important you attend to make great progress on your instrument. We play short, fun tunes, ready to perform in concerts. We also have a whole band camp day planned for January!
Arts and Crafts Learn new crafting skills, and express yourself with color, paint, glue, string, and tons of other cool art and craft supplies
Band (Aspire) This is for beginner players of wind and brass instruments, who did Trailblazers in year 7 and are continuing on their musical journey. We play a variety of fun pieces and perform in concerts every term.
Band (Excel) This is for more advanced players of wind, string and brass instruments, who have been playing for 3 or more years. We play pieces of music like film scores, and perform in concerts every time.
Band Academy  This is for players of pop instruments (and singers) who would like to play in a band. It is best if you sign up to this as a band, but we welcome anyone who loves singing, or playing guitar, drum kit, piano or bass.
Basketball  Run by Bristol Storm and their team of professional players and coaches. Elevate your basketball skills and become part of a growing UK sport.
Board game club A relaxed club where we play a mix of board games and card games. Anyone is welcome to come along and play some new games.
Book Club An exciting opportunity for passionate readers to come together to discuss a range of books in a fun, informal setting!
Chess Club Chess Club is for anyone who would like to learn and play the ancient game of Chess.
The club is open to players of all abilities from beginners to grand masters.
As a member of Chess Club you will be able to learn from more experienced players, teach less experienced players and compete against staff and other pupils.
Classics club A chance to learn about the Ancient Greeks and Romans and take up Latin from scratch. Perfect for those interested in History, language, literature and more!
Creative Writing  
Cross stitch (Tue) A relaxing and informal club where you have the chance to be creative and learn a new skill.
Current Affairs  
Dance (Wed) We are RISE Youth Dance; our vision is for every young person to become the best they can be.

We provide high quality dance training in an inclusive, nurturing and safe environment for all young people aged 4 -25 years in the Bristol area, because we believe in the power of dance to help young people become their best selves.
David Attenborough Natural History  
Debating Whether you have experience in debating or not, this club is for you if you are interested in current social issues. There are lots of ways to take part: as a debater, judge, time keeper or audience member. It's the perfect place to have your say about the things you care about!
Disney Film Club A club for anyone who enjoys watching Disney films! We will discuss some of the key themes within the movies as well as enjoying watching the Disney magic come to life.
DofE (Y10) Duke of Edinburgh is an internationally recognised award. This session will help you prepare for the expedition and give new life skills such as navigation and cooking.

Dungeons and Dragons

Fencing Run by fencing professional Jon Mason. Learn the basics of fencing, strategic maneouvres and nimble footwork!
Flying Start  
Football (Phase 2) Phase 2 football is all about engagement. Come along and play in either one of our two leagues, desgined to improve your football and have fun.
Football (Y7) Bristol Rovers lead the football for Year 7 & 8, so come along and have the oppurtunity to get trained by the local academy
Football (Y8) Bristol Rovers lead the football for Year 7 & 8, so come along and have the oppurtunity to get trained by the local academy
Girls' Football  
Girls' Rugby Led by Ms Bird (Bath Rugby) come along and improve all your rugby game, whilst having loads of fun.
Go  Japanese Boardgame
Guitar (intro) Have little to no experience playing the guitar and want to be the cool person who can play one? Guitar club might well be for you.
Hula Hoop Tricks Run by Hula Hoopist Nati Tuppen. Suitable for all levels. Have fun, let loose and enjoy Hula!
Jazz and Latin Music  
Keyboard intro  
Mindful colouring  
Miniature painting  
Music Technology  
Netball (Phase 1 and 2) Netball is the fastest growing club in the school, and with lots of fixtures coming up and chances to represent the school, we want you to come and get involved.
Performing Arts Show  
Pitch Perfect Choir If you love the film Pitch Perfect, you will love this a capella choir (this means we will sing without backing music)! With fun warmups and catchy songs, you'll be singing them all day long.
Science Documentary club  
Science Fiction Film club  
Symphoney Orchestra  
Table Tennis Come and improve your table tennis skills!
The Great British Bake Club (Mon) Take your first steps to earning a Paul Hollywood handshake! From scones to butterfly cakes, pizza to cheese straws, we will be leaning how to make a variety of baked treats that you will want to make again and again.
Touch Rugby A fun, inclusive and minimal contact version of rugby!
Trinity Voices (by audition) This is a choir for Y8+ who really want to push their singing to the next level. We look at challenging pieces in harmony. If you would like to join next term, you will need to have a voice check: please get in touch with Ms Charatan if you are interested.
Trumpet Group  
Ultimate Frisbee  
World building club  
Y7 Rugby Coached by Premiership Rugby club Bristol Bears, this is a great opportunity to learn from the professionals. Suitable for all abilities.
Y8 Rugby Coached by Premiership Rugby club Bristol Bears, this is a great opportunity to learn from the professionals. Suitable for all abilities.
Y9 Rugby Coached by Premiership Rugby club Bristol Bears, this is a great opportunity to learn from the professionals. Suitable for all abilities.

We are always interested in expanding our co-curricular clubs provision. If you, or someone you know, are keen to run a club and have the time to commit for at least a whole school term, please register your interest by emailing