In-Year Admission for 2022/23 academic year only

The following applications will be treated as in-year admissions during 2022/23:

  • applications for admission to Year 7 which are received after 1 September 2022 (late applications for Year 7 2022 can still be made via your home local authority until 31 August 2022).
  • all other applications for admission to Years 8 to 10. Please note the school opened in September 2019 and we do not currently have Year 11, therefore we are unable to accept in-year applications for this year group.

Applications are considered in line with our published admission arrangements. If a place cannot be offered at the time of application, you may request that your child's name is added to the waiting list for the relevant year group.

Priority will not be given on the basis of the date an application was added to the list. There is no advantage to making an application early. Note: music specialism places are excluded for any in-year transfers. 

In line with the School Admissions Code we are unable to give parents/carers any indication as to the likelihood of being able to offer a place and for this reason we are unable to offer individual visits to the school.

Who can apply?

Applications will be accepted for children who meet one or more of the following:

  • they are resident in the UK
  • they hold full British Citizen Passports
  • they are from countries whose passports have been endorsed to show that they have the right to abode in this country
  • they are from the European Economic Area (EEA).

If you wish to make an in year application please complete the online form below. (Alternatively, you may request a hard copy from the school). 

In Year application form 2022/23

Link to Trinity Academy Admission Arrangements 2022/23 

Link to Map showing Inner and Outer Priority Areas 2022/23 

If you wish to request that your child is educated outside their normal chronological age range, please complete the form below alongside your In Year Application.

Link to Application Form for an 'out of normal year group' request

On receipt of your application we will write to you, by email, usually within 10 school working days, with the outcome of your application. Please check your junk/spam folder for correspondence. If you have not received anything within this timescale then do get in touch;

If we are unable to offer you a school place, you will have the opportunity to request to go on the waiting list for the duration of the 2022/23 academic year. Waiting lists are terminated at the end of the academic year. Applications submitted in previous years do not carry forward into the next academic year.  If you have previously submitted an in year application and you were unsuccessful in gaining a place at the school, you will need to submit a new 2022/23 application. 


Parents/carers have the right of appeal to an independent appeal panel following an unsuccessful application. Please note there are changes to the appeal process during the coronavirus outbreak.

For information about the formal appeal process, please read the document below;

In Year Appeal Guidance

Updated Appeal Guidance - Coronavirus

For further information please contact