Curriculum Purpose

Preparing students for life after school

Our curriculum will give students the opportunity to be successful in their chosen career (including giving them the opportunity to choose a career path within STEM). Our students will achieve a P8 score of +1. Students will use their strong mathematical knowledge to make informed decisions within their lives. We know this is vital as “good numeracy is the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health” (McCrea, 2013).

Knowledge acquisition as a measure of progress

Students will be given the knowledge (declarative, procedural, conditional and maths for communication) to build a strong understanding of important mathematical concepts. Maths for communication (particularly the meaning of key words) is a vital part of mathematics and must be explicitly taught. The methods we teach should be consistent across the department and future facing (‘teach it right first time’ and ‘never teach anything you’ll need to unteach’). 

The needs of our community

Teachers are aware that maths is often associated with anxiety and challenge the misconception that maths is a subject in which you are either right or wrong. Students know that everyone can be successful at maths and always know how they can improve. 

Teaching maths for its intrinsic value

We believe that the world is an amazing place and that the study of maths shows us how amazing it is. Students should be given the opportunity to see the beauty and wonder of maths and in particular how different area of maths link (rather than seeing them as a list of distinct topics).

Curriculum Overview – Maths