Curriculum Purpose

Preparing students for life after school

Our curriculum and lessons will allow students to become historically informed critical thinkers, who can analyse information, question, reason and communicate effectively, thereby supporting success across a wide range of careers. To do this, our students will achieve a P8 score of +1. 

A thorough academic History education will equip pupils with knowledge which allows them to interact academically with others engaged in the study of the past; it will also allow them to better understand the concerns and priorities of a wide range of people, navigating the modern world with confidence and success. Above all our curriculum will instil in our pupils a love for historical study while supporting the development of intellectually curious minds which are accustomed to questioning evidence and probing assumptions. 

Knowledge acquisition as a measure of progress

Our curriculum and lessons will give students the knowledge to understand, analyse, evaluate and critically synthesise information relating to history. 

The needs of our community

Our curriculum and lessons will support the community of students within our school and actively challenge inequalities, both by exploring historical injustices and by examining the experiences of previously marginalised groups. Pupils at Trinity Academy will experience a History curriculum which not only explores the lives and actions of traditional elites but also examines the experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic Groups, women, the working classes and the LGBT+ community. This will be achieved through dedicated lessons and topics within the curriculum and through wider school events, including Black History Month, International Women’s Day and LGBT+ History Month. 

Teaching History for its intrinsic value

We believe that the world is an amazing place and that the study of History shows us how amazing it is. Our curriculum and lessons will introduce students to a wide range of human achievements and follies, helping them to appreciate the richness of the human experience and to guard against the misuse and distortion of History for the furtherance of destructive objectives. Our curriculum will develop in all students a rich insight into the past which will allow them to understand their own ideas and experiences within the contexts of local, nation and international developments, both distant and more recent. 

Curriculum Overview – History