Curriculum Purpose

Preparing students for careers and furthering social justice

Computer Science is a modern, fascinating subject. The world depends on computers - In KS4 students learn about how computer programming can create solutions to everyday problems and future challenges. It can open up a whole world of opportunities.

Our curriculum and lessons will give students the opportunity to choose from a wide range of Computing careers e.g. Robotics Programmer, Games Developer, E-Commerce Manager, Cyber Protection Officer, Social Media Manager and many more. To do this, our students will achieve a P8 score of +1. A thorough academic science education will also provide a strong foundation that will benefit students to interact academically with peers, within computer science and other professional roles.

The purpose of the computer science curriculum is to provide students with a strong understanding of how the technology that surrounds them actually works, and in addition, equips them with the knowledge that will allow them to adapt to the constant technological changes that will inevitably occur during their lifetimes.

Knowledge acquisition as a measure of progress

Our curriculum and lessons will give students the knowledge (core, procedural and hinterland) to critically synthesise and analyse matters that involve computer science.

At GCSE, students follow the OCR Computing for GCSE Course. In Year 10 they gain an overview of computer systems and data representation and then Computer networks and network security. In year 11, students learn about specific search and sorting algorithms, also some software development concepts which include IDEs, debugging, and testing.

The needs of our community

Our curriculum and lessons will reflect positively the community of students within our school and actively question inequalities in computer science.

Teaching Computer science for its intrinsic value

We believe that the world is an amazing place. Computer Science helps us understand just how amazing it is. Our curriculum and lessons will give students the knowledge that will amaze, solve problems and develop a healthy scepticism.

Curriculum Overview – Computing