Curriculum Purpose

Preparing students for life after school

The multi-faceted nature of REP means that students are prepared for life after school in a variety of ways. Viewing REP as a theological discipline, students become critically aware thinkers who are able to analyse information, understand its context, perform textual analysis and consider multiple interpretations from different perspectives. Students will also be able to understand the translation between a belief and a practice/action. In looking at REP from a philosophical and societal lens, students develop an appreciation for worldviews and consider other people’s experiences of the world, debating and arguing well. Empathy, compassion and oracy skills are developed here. 


The importance of REP and its place in the modern world, with particular reference to Careers, is signposted. (For example, after the 2008 financial crash major banks explicitly focused on employing Theology graduates to inform the moral implications behind financial trading.) Understanding the routines and rationale behind different faiths makes for a more cohesive working environment in any Careers setting.

Knowledge acquisition as a measure of progress

Our curriculum and lessons will give students the knowledge to understand, analyse, evaluate and critically synthesise information relating to REP. A particular measure of successful knowledge acquisition is when students are able to compare, contrast and link theological concepts to modern-day practices, be it verbally or in written pieces.  

The needs of our community

Community Need…

Curriculum Response

Teaching of REP at KS1 and KS2 is inconsistent - pupils are either taught by non-specialists or REP is sidelined for other subjects such as Maths and English.

At KS3, we work on the basis of little-to-no prior knowledge. Lessons are low threshold, high ceiling and focus on exploring challenging concepts within familiar stories.

The main belief groups in Lockleaze are Christian, Muslim and ‘Nones’.

The KS3 curriculum begins with the Abrahamic Faiths to ground student understanding and reflect the majority beliefs. Different religions are introduced in order to give a broader understanding.

Self-esteem and sense of belonging are important to foster in young people.

The curriculum provides plenty of opportunity for debate, understanding self awareness and sharing views to build self-esteem and create a greater sense of self.

Typically, students from Lockleaze are less likely to go on to higher education

The REP curriculum covers disciplines which would be studied at a Russell Group university: Theology, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics. High level language is used through KS3-5, and degree-level ideas are introduced as hinterland knowledge.

Teaching REP for its intrinsic value

We believe that the world is an amazing place, but that there are many sources in a young person’s life which may misrepresent people in the world. REP is intrinsically valuable at a societal and individual level. There is an inherent value in seeing and experiencing how other people view the world, in addition to unpicking dangerous stereotypes whilst helping to develop a student’s worldview. Whether religious or otherwise, no-one can deny the impact religious ideas have had, and continue to have, on the world. It is important that, as a people, we see value in understanding this.

Curriculum Overview – REP