Curriculum Purpose

Preparing students for careers and furthering social justice

Our geography curriculum will enable our students to think geographically; we want our students to better understand the natural and social worlds, to think about alternative futures and what they could do to influence them in their personal and professional lives, to engage in current debates of geographical significance, to have power over their knowledge and go beyond the limits of their personal experiences and the geographical spaces they occupy.

Knowledge acquisition and application as a measure of progress

Our curriculum will give students the knowledge (powerful and procedural) to think geographically, engage with and critically analyse geographical issues.

The needs of our community 

Geography is a powerful subject and we recognise the importance of representing the world accurately, fairly and truthfully. Our curriculum will reflect positively on the community of students within our school and actively question inequalities in our local and global environments. 

Teaching geography for its intrinsic value

We believe the world is an amazing place and that the subject of geography is well placed to understand, discuss and solve many of society’s most pressing challenges.

Curriculum Overview – Geography