Phases of Learning

The Curriculum is designed to ensure every student succeeds. Year 7 - 11 will be based around 3 phases of learning each culminating in a ‘Crowning Ceremony’ or graduation-style celebration event. 

Phase One: Year 7 and 8

Phase One is also characterised by a focus on literacy and oracy as well introducing learning to learn across all subjects.

For the first two years at the school, students will follow a broad and academically challenging programme of study. Alongside English, maths and the sciences, students will learn a foreign language and develop an understanding of their place in the world – through the study of history, geography, religion and philosophy. All students will have the opportunity to participate in high-quality competitive sports during games. Our curriculum also places great emphasis on the performing arts – with all students studying art, dance, music and (from September 2020) drama.

Phase Two: Year 9 and 10

Phase Two allows students to deepen learning and begin to specialise. At the start of Year 9, students will be introduced to a number of new subjects. At the end of Year 9, all students will select their GCSE options, to begin at the start of Year 10. Typically, students will choose four GCSEs from their existing subjects, alongside English Language and Literature, maths and the sciences. We will expect all students to take a humanities subject (history or geography) and many to take a language. Students complete an employability award which will include leadership training, work or research placement, workshops, lectures and masterclasses and will have access to a professional mentor.

Phase Three: Year 11

Phase Three is focussed on preparing students for achieving their goals. Students will continue studying towards their GCSEs – with exam technique and student well-being being of a particular focus. During this time, pathways to post-16 education will also be explored.