Study Skills

At Trinity we place a big emphasis on the Head - learning is central to everything we do. We know that this year has been difficult and that learning has been disrupted by school closures. Despite these circumstances, the staff at Trinity are working to ensure that every student makes an excellent start to their learning journey through secondary school. We are highly ambitious for every single student and will support them from the very start of year 7 to ensure they are achieving their absolute best.

How do I prepare for learning at Trinity?

We believe that the key stills students can work on during the summer to ensure they are ready for learning at Trinity are: 

  • Establishing good learning habits

  • Extended writing

  • Oracy (speaking skills)

  • Quizzing / revising

  • Note taking¬†

We will be discussing one of these key skills in the videos below

Establishing good learning habits

Oracy (speaking skills)

Note taking

Extended writing

Quizzing / revising